Our Story

65+ Years Strong

The story of AJM Packaging began in Detroit in 1918. Three brothers from Detroit - Abram, Jack, and Morris’ family owned a neighborhood grocery store beneath their small apartment. The whole family pitched in to keep the store afloat, even the young boys who stocked the shelves, unloaded the trucks, and took out the garbage. Despite many good years, the family’s grocery business shuttered before the crash of 1929. The family remained in the food industry, driving trucks, distributing produce, and beer. After WWII, the brothers began distributing paper products together. In 1957, Abram, Jack, and Morris founded AJM Packaging Corporation. Headquartered in a red brick building on Dix Avenue in Detroit, where they still manufacture goods today, they purchased their first bag and plate machines and began converting their own paper products. Over the last 63 years, AJM has grown into one of the nation's leading manufacturers of high-quality branded and private label paper products including paper plates, bowls, cups, and bags.

In 1993, Abram's son, Robert became president of AJM. Today, AJM is a 3rd generation family-owned and family-run business. We remain committed to providing the reliable service and quality that has been important to AJM since the day Abram, Jack, and Morris started the business. We strive to put the needs of our customer first, today, tomorrow and always.


Since 1957, AJM has continued to grow and  expand our geographic footprint beyond our original Detroit plant. We have since created thousands of manufacturing jobs in the USA with eight strategically located manufacturing sites.


We continue to upgrade our state-of-the-art facilities,  adding both capacity, material handling, and distribution equipment.

AJM Packaging

All of AJM’s paper products are manufactured, printed, and packaged in the USA. When you buy AJM, you help us keep manufacturing jobs here in our local communities.

AJM Packaging

AJM is Michigan’s best kept secret. I had no idea this company existed so close and creates so many local and national jobs.

AJM Packaging